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Bombay Tiffanys, for Indian sweets | Mysore

What you see – As we approach Bombay Tiffanys located on Devaraj Urs Road in Mysore, the tantalizing aroma of sweetmeats floats through the air and tempts us to hastily move towards the sweetmeat store. Bombay Tiffinys has a wide entrance that opens to a display of mouth-watering sweets in glass cabinets. The store is clean and spacious, providing easy movement to customers. It also has a staircase at the entrance (to the right), which takes you to the first floor for a pleasant sit-down with sweetmeats and a clear view of the vehicular and pedestrian movement below.
What you get – Almost all the sweetmeat lovers in Mysore are familiar with Bombay Tiffanys. It is one of the most popular sweet shops in Mysore, known for its variety and quality of traditional Indian sweetmeats. The sweetmeats stocked here include malai sandwich, cham cham, kala jamun, barfis (all priced at Rs. 160 per kilogram), Mysore pak (Rs. 150 per kilogram), ladoo, holige, sweet boondi, besan ladoo (Rs. 180 per kilogram), dhoodh peda, kesar peda, champakali (Rs. 160 per kilogram), rasgulla and rasamalai (Rs. 170 per kilogram). The uniqueness of this bakery is that it makes pure ghee sweets and milk-based sweets. Bombay Tiffanys also sells other confectioneries like dry-fruit sweets, dried fruits, kaju namkeen, cashew nuts, bitter gourd chips, potato chips and chocolates from different brands like Nestle, Amul, etc. It is a good snacking option (a popular one too), especially in the evenings. The chaats here are great and so varied that you are spoilt for choice. The menu offers masala puri, pani puri, bhel puri, pav bhaji, Kashmiri chaat, veg chaat, tomato chaat, samosa chaat, dahi chaat kachori and katori chaat. We try out the samosa chaat (Rs. 22) and cold badam milk (Rs. 18) and love it all. The prices for chaats are in the range of Rs. 15 to Rs. 30. Bombay Tiffanys also stocks bottled juice and mineral water.
Our verdict – MetroMela recommends Bombay Tiffanys as a good place for Indian sweetmeats and evening snacks (if you love chaats) in Mysore. The variety and impeccable quality of sweets, combined with the near flawless service (each counter is manned by an efficient and knowledgeable salesperson), add to the charm of the place. We suggest you sample the yummy cold badam milk, which goes well with the spicy chaats. Bombay Tiffanys takes bulk orders for functions. Parking space is shared with neighboring stores, along the road.  
Anytime between – 9 AM – 9.30 PM

By Sachin Somanna
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