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Mysore masala dosas at Mylari | Mysore

What you see – The aroma of the popular Mysore masala dosa wafts through as we step into the Mylari restaurant in Kuvempunagar. Finding the restaurant is easy, as almost every Mysorean knows its whereabouts. As expected, there is a long queue of customers waiting to savor the delectable Mysore masala dosa, for which the restaurant is known. The restaurant is clean and, as it is situated on the main road (Udaya Ravi Road), it is easily accessible from all parts of the city. The walls are filled with photographs of famous personalities (ranging from cricketers to cinema actors and politicians) who have visited the restaurant in the past.  
What you get – Mylari restaurant is synonymous with the famous Mysore masala dosa, and is one of the best places to enjoy its flavor. It costs Rs. 18 per plate. The restaurant also serves idlis (Rs. 10 per plate) and we opt for these to appease our hunger, since the dosas (served hot and crispy) take a while in arriving. The idlisare soft and tasty but it’s the coconut chutney that wins hands down – it would not be an exaggeration to say that this chutney can be rated the best in the entire city.
The restaurant is a 20-seater, with tables for four each. Although the seating is a little congested, we soon forget the other diners as we dig into our Mysore masala dosa that is generously smeared with butter on the top – we feel like we’re in food paradise. We polish off the first serving and are ready for the next - you just cannot stop at one dosahere. There is a facility for parcels too. The ventilation and fans help to keep the place cool. Mylari restaurant also has a branch in Nazarbad.
Our verdict –We highly recommend Mylari’s Mysore masala dosa- we’re sure you would visit the restaurant regularly for more! Do try out the idlis too. The restaurant adds its own unique flavor to the Mysore masala dosaand idliswith its authentic taste, and the accompanying yummy coconut chutney and the butter topping. As the dosas are served hot and crispy you would have to wait, but it’s worth it. The service staff also needs a mention. They are in constant attendance - their hospitality is sure to win your heart. And while the restaurant is always filled with customers, the staff keeps the place clean. 
What you pay for a meal for two – Rs. 100

Anytime between - 7.30 AM - 10.30 PM (Weekdays), 3.30 PM - 8 PM (Sundays)

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