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Usha Kiran Eye Hospital for reliable eye care | Mysore

What you see – Usha Kiran Eye Hospital, at Lakshmipuram in Mysore, is a boon to people suffering from eye problems. The hospital is located in a serene locality and surrounded by ample greenery. We find it easily as it is a landmark in the area - the locality is in fact identified with the hospital. We see the impressive hospital building, with an ambulance parked alongside and a large signage in striking gold, from a distance. As we step inside the hospital, we observe a large number of patients seated in the spacious reception hall (awaiting their turn for consultation), which clearly indicates the fame and reputation of the hospital.
What you get – Usha Kiran Eye Hospital is a super specialty eye hospital with a mission to provide 'quality eye care for all'. The hospital has been rendering world-class eye care since 1995. It guarantees 'total eye care' under one roof, with about twenty-five paramedical staff attending to patients. The hospital is owned and managed by the efficient and well-qualified husband-wife team of Dr. KV Ravishankar and Dr. Uma Ravishankar. Dr. Ravishankar is a specialist eye surgeon in the field of Retina and Vitreous. He has worked extensively in the management of retinal detachments, eye complications of myopia, blood pressure, ageing and diabetes. Dr. Uma has worked for several years at Sankara Netralaya in Chennai and is a specialist in diseases and surgery of cornea, cataract, glaucoma and external eye.
Usha Kiran Hospital offers eye treatment, which includes consultation, optical refraction, ultra-sonography, glaucoma surgery, squint surgery, cryo surgery, cataract surgery, phacoemulsifications or laser cataract surgery (suture-less cataract surgery with foldable lenses), facilities for corneal grafting, vitreous and retinal surgery. At the hospital, the infrastructure is good, and the experience and knowledge of the doctors can be seen in the design of facilities. We see modern, state-of-the-art and high-tech equipment, along with a dedicated staff to provide care and service. We are shown the GDx Nerve Fibre Layer Analyser, Alcon Vitrectomy System 400VS, Retina Camera, CARL ZEISS microscope, Phaco Emulsifier, amongst an array of ultra modern equipment.
Usha Kiran Eye Hospital also has laser treatments for diabetic eye disease, retinal surgery, myopia related complications, ageing eye problems, indirect laser ophthalmoscope and laser for glaucoma. It offers total diabetic eye care, and also has a contact lens clinic. Some of the unique features of this hospital are that it has Accurus 400 VS advanced vitrectomy systems from Alcon, USA, and an Auto Refractometer from NIDEK, Japan. The operating room is fully equipped, and the wards are well maintained and clean. The hospital also conducts free eye camps in rural areas and runs a charitable trust.
Our verdict – MetroMela thinks the Usha Kiran Eye Hospital has wonderful facilities and provides expert eye care. With an experienced set of doctors and a dedicated paramedical staff, the hospital offers high quality surgical and laser treatment for various eye problems. You can also buy your preferred contact lens here as the hospital has a well-stocked contact lens clinic. Consultation is with appointment. The consultation fee is Rs. 120 and the consultation timings are between 10 AM and 1.30 PM (Monday to Saturday). You may have to wait approximately for half an hour to meet the doctor concerned due to the large number of patients. There is ample parking area, next to the hospital.

Anytime between - 10 AM - 6 PM

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